Chill•House NOUN

1 The pinnacle of human
perfection, emulated by all.
2 Relaxed, laid back, very fun to
be around, loves to chill.
3 Basically an all-around
champion at life.

Note: Also can be called a ‘House of Chill.’

The Chillhouse Rosé starts off with bursts of fresh melon, quince, rosehips, and meyer lemon. On the palate watermelon, strawberry and ripe honeydew meet more subtle notes of persimmon and hibiscus flower. It’s a summery, fruit-forward rosé that’s as dry as they come.

The Chillhouse Zinfandel is exuberant with aromas of plum and violet jumping out of the glass followed by chocolate, baking spices, and vanilla. A smooth mouthfeel and balanced tannins combine with flavors of black cherry, nutmeg, toasted almond, and hints of cinnamon.

Wine for those who chill.

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